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LUSH by Gesign

Professional mobile catering furniture and equipment solutions 

Founded in 2019, as a design brand of GESIGN, LUSH is committed to providing user-friendly and sustainable products to meet the needs of catering and banquet equipment in hospitality.


As a manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in this industry, we have seen significant changes, with more and more customized designs and specific functions being welcomed, purchasing volume is increasing massively. In this process, LUSH noticed something we should pay great attention to, more and more products were over-design but didn't meet the basic daily use requirement and caused huge waste.

Brand Concept

LUSH by Gesign concept starts with the idea of using the simplest and fewest elements to create the maximum effect, not just the few. It is achieved by combining function, quality, design and value - always with sustainability in mind.

We go green



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